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Operational Turnaround

As the first dedicated operational turnaround firms in the UK we differentiate from the crowd. We are not involved in financial reconstruction. Our process starts with a Diagnostic Review to identify whether the enterprise can be turned around or not. It identifies the key issues and drivers of the business, the areas to be addressed and their priorities. This is done in a few days. Following this we Create a Window of Time by stablising the cash flow. In parallel we begin Planning the Turnaround  followed by Implementation and Management.

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In our experience, Turnaround always requires three things - TIME - MANAGEMENT - MONEY.  We can bring all three. Our style is to work alongside managementand staff as part of the team but often leading the team. We bring Objectivity, Experience and Capacity. 

Operational turnaround means that we are hands on, taking on director appointments or, at the very least, working as shadow directors. You cannot turnaround the business as an adviser. You have to manage it. We work across a range of situations from critical to acute.

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