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Independent Business Reviews

We provide independent business reviews for lenders and investors. This focuses on the serviceabilty of any debt and addresses issues of the market, longevity of the product or service line and the robustness of managment's business plan.

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The UK £25m Turnaround Fund


This is an equity based pledge fund to provide working capital to businesses wvth the potential for growth. Businesses need to have a robust business plan and a credible management team with a track record in sustainable growth  Investments from £25k to £1m. You may qualify


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Funding options.......

Stock & Trade Finance - Need product or materials? We can access funding to purchase product or materials on your behalf. You pay when you invoice your customer. Very few people can offer this service.

Invoice discounting. It's a jungle out there of different offerings. We can find you the best rates and a provider with flexibility that will facilitate growth in the markets you serve. We will provide you the most cost effective deal.

Business loans to buy plant or fund working capital. We know who is lending and who is not.

Finding finance

We all know that finding business finance can be very difficult especially in a climate where the banks are not lending. However some banks are lending and we have partnerships wth those that do. We also have access to a number of private equity funds and individuals with an appetite for businesses facing a challenge.

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To attract funding it is crucial to have a robust and achievable business plan presented professinally as there will only be one chance.We can help you to becoe investment ready and find the best sources of finance.nce.