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Business Turnaround - How to do it

A fundamental guide for advisors  £35.00 in PDF format

The definitive guide to Turnaround. Based on 35 years of experience with methodologies and a diagnostic developed through the UK Government sponsored Business Recovery Scheme. This was designed by Harry Moore and resiulted in saving 135 businesses. He was also Principal at KPMG and PwC and has managed turnarounds of businesses in distress. The manual includes details on carrying out a diagnostic review that is both quick and impressive using root cause analysis and segmentation. It includes the 5 point recovery plan and methods of assessing the impact of the human dimension. 

Available in pdf format for £35.00 downloaded by email. T

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The MF Five Point Plan

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Operational turnaround is not a straightforward process. The use of checklists, questionnaires and other similar data collection techniques has been tried and proved to be too rigid and inflexible. Turnaround requires a degree of detective work, leadership and innovation coupled with some creativity. A tick box approach tends to inhibit creative thinking.The Manual is not a check list. It is a structured approach to operational turnaround.

It is important to have a structure as we would have a road plan when going on a journey knowing full well that things might occur to influence the journey time and even the route. The 5 Point Plan gives such a structure that is generic to all turnaround scenarios.

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The Manual is a guide to operational turnaround. It has now been sold in many countries. It includes a number of case studies and examples.  It is designed for:-

  • Practising turnaround consultants and company doctors who may want a different perspective,
  • Business managers who would like to help themselves improve the performance of their business,
  • Individuals wishing to develop turnaround skills,
  • Business students and academics
  • Accountants and other professionals looking for an appreciation of operational turnaround in order to better advise their clients.
  • Bank managers and financiers looking to gain an understanding of operational turnaround.


The Manual includes tools for the turnaround manager to utilise enabling quick and effective progress.effectively.

Business segmentation by management style

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The segmenting tool allows you to quickly diagnose generic issues, By understanding the style of business mangement we are better able to address the issues. For example A Builder type of business is one that is likely to have more than one shareholder, could be family owned but is looking to grow organically or through acquisition and build an empire. There may be an exit strategy but usually the motivation is to build something that will last. Often these businesses suffer from over trading or find they have made an acquisition that has gone wrong. Acquisitions are often a root cause of businesses in distress .

The business life cycle.

We should also consider the business life cycle whhereby we need diffecent skills sets for different scenarios.

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