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Harry Moore is a Turnaround Consultant with a considerable pedigree. He is innovative, creative and specialises in working with the existing managment team rather than taking the 'expert' approach of other consultants. He is a strong leader and good at finding short term fixes whilst developing and implementing longer term strategies for sustainability.

He is a leading UK guru on succession planning for family and owner managed businesses having spoken at numerous events and having worked with with several family businesses, large and small.



He has worked with Coutts Bank as an adviser to their customers and has helped a number of owner managed businesses with successful succession planning.


He has helped save numerous businesses but has also taken companies through insolvency processes so understands the issues that directors face. He has worked for both KPMG and PwC as well as working in industry and commerce as a senior manager or director, with companies such as Dunlop Ltd, The Carborundum Company, Silver Cross, Colletts International Booksellers and Publishers, Apple, HunterPrint plc and others.


Harry founded The Laura Centre, for those affected by the death of a child, Rainbows Children's Hospice and COPE for children with cancer. He has received 2 Beacon Fellowship Awards and an honorary degree from the University of Loughborough

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The launch of the Merseyside Turnaround Programme