• One day including half day on site plus research and report.
  • Green field scenario to encourage lateral and creative thinking.  Participants to be directors, senior management and any other stakeholders.
  • Positioning. Quick review of where the business is. It’s areas of success and failure, strengths and weaknesses. What is the current model?
  • Setting the Objectives. What are both personal and corporate objectives and how do they relate. To include non-financial objectives such as reputation, branding, ethics etc. Each participant will be asked to express their own personal objectives and what they think corporate ones should be.
  • Goals. Establishing the horizon. Where do we want to be in, say, three or five year’s time in terms of size, markets etc.
  • Building the business model. We will compile a model of how the business should look when we reach the horizon. It will include looking at all options, new markets, diversification, organic growth and/or growth through acquisition, human resource and management. We will compile an outline P&L, management structure, succession plan and potential capital value of the business.
  • Action plan. Compiling the steps required to achieve the model including timelines and actions.
  • Output. This will be in the form of a brief report comprising no more than five pages including outline projected P&L and Action Plan
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The workshops cost £500 inclusive of report and action plan but excluding travel costs.